Monthly Archives: February 2011

Florida’s Rules for 4th DUI Hardship / Business Purpose Only / Employment Purpose Only Permit

Florida recently changed the rules which permanently barred any person with four DUI convictions from obtaining a hardship license (the “business purpose only” or “employment purpose only” license). The rules are complicated. Even the website for the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle (DHSMV) does NOT explain it. Many of the provision have […]

Friday Night’s Pinellas County DUI Checkpoints

You know how we feel about police roadblocks. Not to overstate the concern, but DUI checkpoints or roadblocks represent a serious threat to our Constitutional rights to avoid unreasonable searches. In fact, the Founding Fathers thought the threat of “unreasonable searches” were so important they wrote a limitation against it into the Fourth Amendment. Then […]

Matthew E. Malhiot, Former FDLE Departmental Inspector, Now Expert Defense Witness on Intoxilyzer 8000

Matthew E. Malhiot formerly worked with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement as a departmental inspector. He has worked with the Intoxilyzer 8000 since its inception in Florida. He was also intimately involved in the development of the Florida software. The software allows for some of the numerical results to be reported, while other numerical […]

Boating under Influence ( BUI ) Arrests at Gasparilla 2011

Although the media is reporting that only 4 people were arrested for BUI (boating under the influence) at Gasparilla 2011, the actual number appears to be much higher. In many of these cases the Coast Guard was involved with the initial stop. The coast guard requested permission to board the watercraft to perform a safety […]