DUI Statistics in Tampa, FL

2016 Tampa Police Department DUI Arrests Summary

The Tampa Police Department gathers statistics to monitor the activities of the DUI enforcement officers. We recently obtained these summaries for 2015, 2016 and so far in 2017.

The summary keeps track of the number of people arrested for DUI each year. The summary distinguishes between self-initiated stops and investigations that involve the DUI enforcement officer being dispatched.

According to the Tampa Police Department DUI Arrests Summary for 2016, Tampa Police Department made 2,087 DUI arrests. Just over one-half of those arrests were self-initiated. The other 1,008 arrests involved the DUI enforcement officer being dispatched.

The summary also distinguishes between different types of DUI related cases including:

  • Crash (DUI related) at 13.8%;
  • Wrong way driver (DUI arrest) at 5.7%;
  • DUI checkpoint arrests at 0.5%;
  • Superior Response to Fatal / SBI Crash at 0%; or
  • Supervisor DUI Assist at 5.3%.

The summary also distinguishes between different types of DUI tests:

  • Breath above .08% BrAC 49.1%
  • Urine, Blood or Refusal 49.3%
  • .000-.079% 1.6%

It is weird how the chart tries to carve out the DUI cases with a BrAC reading below the legal limit in this manner. Why not include the low BrAC cases in the BAC Range? If you look at the totals, it appears that if the low BrAC were included in the range, then approximately 3.2% of people who submit to breath testing blow under the legal limit.

Out of those DUI arrests by the Tampa Police Department with a breath test reading over the legal limit, the BAC Range is broken down as follows:

  • .080-.149 at 21.5%
  • .150-.199 at 17.3%
  • .200-.249 at 7.4%
  • .250-.299 at 2.5%
  • .300 or over at .04%

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2015 Tampa Police DUI Enforcement Unit Summary

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