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Statistics on Administrative Suspensions in 2015

Recent statistics from the Bureau of Administrative Review Office shows that for all of the administrative suspensions invalidated in 2015, the hearing officers gave the following reasons listed in order by percentage: No .02 Agreement on the Intoxilyzer Breathalyzer Test -.05% No Probable Cause Under 21 – .17% Refusal Affidavit Not Attested To -.98% No […]

What Happens at a Hardship Hearing with the Florida Bureau of Administrative Review in Tampa, FL?

I recently attended a hardship hearing at the Florida Bureau of Administrative Review office in Tampa, FL, in Hillsborough County. These hardship hearings can occur after an administrative suspension for a first DUI (either for 6 months or one year) or for a permanent lifetime revocation after a fourth DUI (or anything else in between). […]

What is the “Business Purpose Only” Hardship License?

If your license is suspended, revoked or canceled, then you may still qualify for a Class E driver’s license that restricts driving to only certain purposes. The Class E license can include either a C Restriction or a D Restriction. The C Restriction is the “Business Purpose Only” license; and The D Restriction is the […]

Bureau of Administrative Reviews Tampa Office

Update October 19, 2016: The Bureau of Administrative Reviews in Tampa, Hillsborough County, FL, now back at its old address and in a newly redesigned building: Bureau of Administrative Reviews 2814 East Hillsborough Avenue Tampa FL 33610 (813) 276-5795   Click here to read more about the Bureau of Administrative Reviews (BAR) office in Tampa, Florida. […]